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"The owner-operator customer has built Speedco from day one.  That guy who owns his truck, drives his own truck, does his own books, does everything.  That's the guy that's built Speedco.  They make the world go round.  If they don't hault the product from point A to point B, the materials from point A to point B, this country stops.  They are the heartbeat of America."
- Mark Clark, President & CEO
"If you bought it, a truck brought it."  As simply stated as this saying is, you can't underestimate its significance.  Trucks deliver the materials that go into the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the electronics we use and the cars we drive, and the owner/operator is the person who makes it all possible.  Their job is not done without great sacrifice.  Owner/operators spend long hours on the road, days spent away from family and the constant pressure of running a one person business.
At Speedco, we understand that every hour spent having your truck serviced is an hour that could be spent out on the road making money or one more hour that you could spend with your family.
When you service at Speedco we aren't going to try to talk you into repairs that will add to downtime and lost revenue.  We put our full effort into providing the essential services your truck needs to keep you on the road, and we perform that service with a focus on quality and efficiency.
Just as the owner/operator is the heartbeat of America, they are also the key to the growth and success of Speedco.  Simply put, without the owner/operator, Speedco would not be the company that it is today.

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